[Terminology] Micelle and critical micelle concentration
Time: 2014-12-17 21:02:41


[Terminology] Micelle and critical micelle concentration
In 1925, British chemist McBain firstly proposed micelle theory.
Rapid cryo transmission electron microscopy method (Cryo method) is able to observe presence of micelles.
In water system, micelle has the following characteristics:
(1), Micelle is aggregate which solute monomer forms;
(2), Micelle’s forming process is spontaneous;
(3), Micelle is thermodynamical equilibrium system. Solute in micelle and solute in solution are equilibrium system;
(4), Micelle core constituted by non-polar group, and is hydrophobic structural zone; outer layer of micelle constituted by polar group, and is hydrophilic structure zone.
In water system, formation of micelle requires a certain concentration, the concentration is critical micelle concentration (CMC).
Solute transforms from molecule to micelle, also transforms from disorder to order.