Pandect of carboxylate surfactants (1): Definition
Time: 2015-04-30 21:10:06


Carboxylate surfactants are the oldest surfactants, they are still widely used in various fields. For example, soap that commonly used in daily life is a typical carboxylate surfactant.
1 Definition
The surfactants having carboxylate (-COO-) functional group.
General formula:
——CnH2n+1: alkyl carboxylate;
——CnH2n-1: alkenyl carboxylate;
——CnH2n+1-O ( CH2CH2O ) m: saturated fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether carboxylate;
——CnH2n-1-O ( CH2CH2O ) m: unsaturated fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether carboxylate;
——: phenol polyoxyethylene ether carboxylate;
——Rosin acid and its derivatives: abietates;
——Naphthenic base: naphthenate;
——: lactate;
——: lactoyl lactate;
——, R1: EO, PO or EO/PO: amide polyether carboxylate;
——Amino group: amino acid salt. As follows:
    ——: glutamate;
    ——: alanine salt;
    ——: glycine salt;
    ——: sarcosinate;
    ——: aspartate;
    ——: lysine salt;
    ——: beta-alanine salt;
    ——: phenylalanine salt;
    ——Hydrolyzed protein salts (mixtures of amino acid salts).