Ammonium Cocomonoglyceride Sulfate
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Possible synthetic method A:
(1), Monoglyceride is obtained by esterification of glycerin and coconut acid;
(2), Cocomonoglyceride sulfate is obtained by esterification of monoglyceride and sulfur trioxide;
(3), Ammonium cocomonoglyceride sulfate is obtained by neutrallzation of cocomonoglyceride sulfate and ammonia.
(4), Obtain a solid product by spray - drying method.
In the method, monoglyceride purity must reach more than 90 - 96%.
Review and related methods of synthesis, see also reference [1].
Quality Standards & Test Methods
1. Physical and chemical indexes
Physical and chemical indexes
Solid / Liquid
Actives, %, ≥
55 - 95
pH (25°C, 1% solution)
5.5 - 7.5
Test Methods
(1), Actives
GB/T 5173 Surface active agents and detergents-Determination of anionic-active matter by direct two-phase titration procedure
ISO 2271 Surface active agents -- Detergents -- Determination of anionic-active matter by manual or mechanical direct two-phase titration procedure
(2), pH
GB/T 6368 Surface active agents - Determination of pH of aqueous solution - Potentiometric method
ISO 4316 Surface active agents -- Determination of pH of aqueous solutions -- Potentiometric method
2. Hazardous substances indexes
Hazardous substances indexes
Heavy metals (as Pb), mg/Kg, ≤
As, mg/Kg, ≤
Test Methods
(1), Heavy metals (as Pb)
Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics (2015 Edition)
GB/T 30799 The test method of food detergents - Determination of heavy metals