Sulfated Castor Oil
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2. Personal care products
Use as emulsifier, cleansing agent, humectant.
3. Textile
Use as emulsifier, wetting agent, cleansing agent.
Such as: use as cotton auxiliary agents (emulsifier, cleaning agent), remove oil and wax; use as softening agent, can improve the feel of cotton fabrics, increase the gloss.
4. Printing and dyeing
Use as emulsifier, wetting agent.
Such as: use as dye sizing auxiliary agent, can be conducive to dissolution of dyes in the printing paste, promote uniformity of coloration, improve permeability and fastness of dyes. Can also be used as antifoaming agent.
5. Leather
Use as emulsifier, wetting agent, fat-liquoring agent.
For example: use as light leather fat-liquoring agent in chrome tanning, can evenly penetrate the leather, make the leather soft and plump.
6. Metal processing agents
Use as emulsifier. Such as: metalworking fluids, steel wire drawing lubricants.
7. Pesticide
Use as emulsifier.
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