Ammonium Dodecylpoly(oxyethylene) Sulfate
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Particularly, suitable for the preparation of high bubble detergents, for example:car cleaning agents.
5. Emulsion polymerization
Emulsifier, particle size controlling agent in emulsion polymerization.
Usually used in vinyl chloride, styrene-butadiene emulsion polymerization; also used in the manufacture of styrene acrylic acid, acrylic acid, vinyl acetate homopolymer/copolymer emulsion.
6. Textile, leather
Use as emulsifier, foaming agent, cleansing agent, solubilizing agent.
7. Pets
Main ingredient or auxiliary ingredient for cleansing agent, foaming agent in shampoos and other pet products.
Product members
Ammonium Laureth-2 Sulfate;
Ammonium Laureth-3 Sulfate;
Ammonium Laureth-4 Sulfate;
Ammonium Laureth-7 Sulfate;
Ammonium Laureth-12 Sulfate;
[1]: ChemIDplus. Ammonium laureth sulfate, 32612-48-9
Update: 20131018(1); 20161201(2);
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