Petroleum Sulfonic Acid, Sodium Salt
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Use as fracturing fluid additive. Can reduce the amount of fracturing fluid loss.
Use as plugging agent additive.
Use as oil-based mud treatment agent. Can improve emulsion ability of slurry.
3. Industrial cleaning
Use as cleansing agent.
Be prepared by atmospheric and vacuum two, three-wire oil or heavy alkylbenzene.
Can be used in cleaning heavy dirt.
This type of sodium petroleum sulfonate, usually has a good water solubility.
4. Lubrication
Use as lubricant, emulsifying agent.
5. Rust protection, corrosion inhibition
Widely use an rust inhibitor, emulsifying agent.
Be prepared by lubricating oil distillate.
To black metal and brass, anti-rust performance is better. Good resistance to salt water. Have a strong ability to replace of sweat and water.
This type of sodium petroleum sulfonate, water solubility is lower and oil solubility is higher. So, it can be used as a cosolvent for a variety of polar substances in oil.
Often used in the process of cleaning and anti-rust oils, anti-rust greases, cutting fluids and other products
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