Petroleum Sulfonic Acid, Barium Salt
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Characteristics    excellent antirust, anticorrosive, lubricating, emulsifying, solubilizing, dispersing abilities. Good anti-rust effect to ferrous metals. To acid medium, has a good neutralization and replacement abilities. Flow-type product has a good oil solubility, and it is easy to use.
Currently, sulfonation reaction through continuous reactor (such as: falling film reactor) is the most widely used method for preparing sulfonates.
Generally, distillate oil (Typical: lubricating oil distillate) and sulfur trioxide react through reactor, then barium hydroxide neutralizes, finally obtain product.
US patent 8,921,588 (Process for preparing sulfates and/or sulfonates in a micro-reaction system) presents a synthetic process.
Quality Standards & Test Methods
1. Physical and chemical indexes
Physical and chemical indexes
Actives, %, ≥
40.0 - 60.0
Test Methods
(1), Actives
GB/T 5173 Surface active agents and detergents-Determination of anionic-active matter by direct two-phase titration procedure
ISO 2271 Surface active agents -- Detergents -- Determination of anionic-active matter by manual or mechanical direct two-phase titration procedure
2. Product standards
(1), Chinese standards
(1a), SH/T 0391 Rust inhibitor 701 (oil soluble barium petroleum sulfonate)