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3. Further explanation
(a), On physical and chemical indexes: firstly, shall be indicated carbon atom distribution; secondly, shall be indicated average molecular weight.
(b), Used in cosmetics, should be test for harmful substances; or furtherly test for microorganisms.
Major Uses
1. Typical applications
Use as UV absorbing agent.
Use as photosensitizer.
2. Personal care products
Use as UV absorbing agent, UV filter.
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Further information:
(1), In accordance with EU regulations (EC) No 1223/2009, directive 2000/6/EC, benzophenone-4 is included in Annex VI/22.
Maximum concentration is 5%.
(2), In China, in accordance with Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics (2015 edition), maximum concentration is 5%.
3. Coatings, paint
Use as UV absorbing agent.
Can improve anti-photoaging effect of film.
4. Polymers, resins, plastics, leather, fiber
Use as UV absorbing agent.
[1]: ChemIDplus. 4065-45-6, Sulisobenzone
Update: 20131025(1); 20170418(2);