Calcium Stearate
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(b), Used in cosmetics, should be test for harmful substances; or furtherly test for microorganisms.
Major Uses
1. Typical applications
Use as lubricant.
Use as emulsifying agent, dispersing agent.
2. Household detergents
Use as lubricant, release agent.
3. Personal care products
Anticaking agent, emulsion stabilizer, viscosity controlling agent, colorant in personal care products.
4. Machinery industry
Lubricant, release agent, glidant in metal processing.
5. Rubber industry
Use as lubricant, release agent.
6. Plastics
Use as heat stabilizer, lubricant. For example: polyethylene processing.
7. Pets
Use as anticaking agent, colorant.
8. Powder forming
Lubricant, release agent, glidant in powder forming.
9. Food
Use as emulsifying agent, anticaking agent.
10. Medicine
Pharmaceutical excipients. Use as lubricant, emulsifying agent. (This section is for reference only, should be implemented according to local Pharmacopoeia.)
[1]: ChemIDplus. 1592-23-0, Calcium stearate
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