Hexadecanoic Acid
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Hexadecanoic Acid
Palmitic acid
Anionic surfactants-Carboxylate
Molecular Formula & Molecular Weight
Molecular Formula: C16H32O2
Molecular Weight: 256.42
Structural Formula
Appearance: white solid, pearl.
Solubility: insoluble in water. soluble in toluene.
Stability: stable.
Risk: irritation, irritation to skin, eye.
Ecology: may be hazardous to environment. Water body should be given special attention.
Biodegradability: biodegradable.
Characteristics: excellent emulsifying, lubricating, dispersing, cleansing abilities.
Quality standards & test methods
physical and chemical indexes
test methods
actives*, %, ≥
*: should be marked on molecular weight.
Major Uses
Widely used in preparation of palmitic acid esters. palmitic acid esters can be used in personal care products, food, medicine.
Widely used in preparation of palmitic acid salts. palmitic acid salts can be used in personal care products, household cleaning products, fabricated metal products, plastic products.
Widely used in preparation of antioxidants.
Emulsifying agent, thickening agent in personal care products.
Lubricant used in lubricant manufacturing, powder molded product manufacturing.
Combustion controlling agent in candles.
Food additive in food industry.
Waterproofing agent in textile.
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