PEG Isotridecyl ether carboxylic acid, sodium salt
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PEG Isotridecyl ether carboxylic acid, sodium salt
Sodium isotrideceth carboxylate
Polyethylene glycol isotridecyl ether carboxylic acid, sodium salt
Polyoxyethylene isotridecyl ether carboxylic acid, sodium salt
Anionic surfactants-Carboxylate
Structural Formula
R: iso-C13.
Appearance: (1), white paste or soft solid; or solid; (2), colorless to pale yellow liquid or viscous liquid.
Solubility: soluble in water.
Stability: stable. stable to acid, alkali, hard water.
Risk: irritation, low irritation to skin, eye.
Ecology: may be hazardous to environment. Water body should be given special attention.
Biodegradability: biodegradable.
Characteristics: excellent cleansing, wetting, permeating, solubilizing, dispersing, emulsifying, foaming, foam stabilizing abilities. resistance to high concentrations of alkali. resistance to oxidants. resistance to hard water. resistance to high temperature. mild surfactant, can reduce irritation of other surfactants. Under acidic conditions, does not affect cleansing, foaming effect. good compatibility. can be used with cationic surfactants. foaming ability lower than sodium trideceth carboxylate; permeating, wetting ability higher than sodium trideceth carboxylate. for textile industry, be roughly equal to secondary alkyl sulfonate; or slightly better than secondary alkyl sulfonate.
Notes: can be used in children cleaning products.
Quality standards & test methods
physical and chemical indexes
test methods
88 type
solid, %, ≥
NaCl*, %, ≤
sodium chloroacetate*, ppm, ≤
pH (25℃, 1%)
*: apply to products with chloroacetic acid method.
Major Uses
Use as wetting agent, permeating agent. eg: textile, dyes.
Cleansing agent, emulsifying agent in personal care products. eg: shampoo, hand sanitizer.
Cleansing agent in household cleaning products. eg: soap.
Cleansing agent in industrial cleaning.
Tertiary oil recovery agent, viscosity reductant in oil field.
Cleansing agent, degreasing agent in textile, leather.
Cleansing agent, emulsifying agent in water-based metalworking fluids.
Foaming agent in fire fighting industry.
Use as solubilizing agent.
Product members
Sodium isotrideceth-3 carboxylate
Sodium isotrideceth-4 carboxylate
Sodium isotrideceth-7 carboxylate
Sodium isotrideceth-8 carboxylate
Sodium isotrideceth-12 carboxylate
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