Ammonium Dodecyl Sulfate
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  Opaque formula:
Ammonium lauryl sulfate/ammonium lauryl ether sulfate    35
Citric acid    1
alpha Olefin/maleic anhydride terpolymer (ammonium cut)    15
Formalin preservative    0.25
Sodium chloride    1.5
Fragrance and color    trace
Deionized water    q.s.
This patent applies in 1986, so use formaldehyde (formalin) as a preservative.
Features: main function of alpha olefin/maleic anhydride terpolymer can reduce the irritation of anionic surfactants.
(3), Liquid soap
(3a), liquid antibacterial soap (US 6,696,397)
SD 40 alcohol    70
Ammonium lauryl sulfate    15
Disodium EDTA    0.2
Copolymer 940    0.02
Lapinite    0.01
Triethanolamine    0.01
De-ionized water    To 100
2. Household detergents
Main ingredient or auxiliary ingredient for cleansing agent, foaming agent in laundry detergent and other household products, such as: wool products cleaning agent.
3. Industrial cleaning agents
Main ingredient or auxiliary ingredient for cleansing agent, foaming agent, such as: car cleaning agents.
4. Emulsion polymerization
Emulsifier, particle size controlling agent in emulsion polymerization. For example, polyvinyl chloride emulsion polymerization.
5. Pets
Main ingredient or auxiliary ingredient for cleansing agent, foaming agent in shampoos and other pet products.
6. Textile, leather
Use as emulsifier, foaming agent, cleansing agent, wetting agent, antistatic agent, solubilizing agent.
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More applications for ammonium lauryl sulfate, further see: United States Patent 8,043,525 Wet etching solution, United States Patent 7,208,144 Stabilized dispersion of behenyl alcohol, etc.
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[3]: HSDB. Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, 2235-54-3
Update: 20131018(1); 20160726(2);
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