Polyethylene glycol mono-C6-10-alkyl ether sulfate sodium salt
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R: C6-10.
Appearance    (1), paste; (2), liquid; (3), solid..
Odor    faint characteristic odor.
Solubility    soluble in water. The solubility increases with the increase of EO number.
Stability    stable in alkali, weak acid and hard water; unstable in strong acid, easily hydrolyzes.
Risk    Liquid (or paste) form: irritation, irritation to skin, eye. Under the same hydrophobic base, with the increase of EO number, toxicity and irritation decrease, in general, the EO number is greater than 5, the decline is significantly smaller, tends to flat. Under the same hydrophobic base and EO number, toxicity and irritation of magnesium salt are much lower than the sodium salt.
GHS (Rev.6) label:
Ecology    may be hazardous to environment. Water body should be given special attention.
Biodegradability    biodegradable.
Characteristics    excellent cleansing, foaming, emulsifying, wetting, dispersing, permeating, solubilizing, foam stabilizing abilities. Resistant to hard water. Performance is affected by EO number, such as: with the increase of EO number, cleansing capability decreases, solubilization capacity increases. Easily thicken, can provides good viscosity.