Sulfuric acid, monododecyl ester
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(2), As
Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics (2015 Edition)
GB/T 30797 The test method of food detergents - Determination of total arsenic
3. Further explanation
(a), On physical and chemical indexes: firstly, shall be indicated carbon atom distribution; secondly, shall be indicated average molecular weight.
Major Uses
1. Typical applications
Used in the preparation of anionic surfactants, such as sodium dodecyl sulfate, ammonium dodecyl sulfate and so on.
2. Water Treatment
Use as sorbent.
Update: 20131018(1); 20160809(2);
[1]: HSDB. Dodecyl sulfate, 151-41-7
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Update: 20131018(1); 20160809(2);