Alcohols, C9-15, ethoxylated
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Alcohols, C9-15, ethoxylated
C9-15 Pareth
(C9-C15) Alkyl alcohol ethoxylate
(C9-C15)Alkyl alcohol ethoxylate
(C9-C15)Alkylalcohol, ethoxylate
Ethoxylated C9-15 alcohols
Non-ionic surfactants-Polyether
Structural Formula
R: C9-15.
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid to white paste to white flake or granular.
Odor: faint characteristic odor.
Solubility: dispersed in water to soluble in water.
Stability: stable.
Risk: irritation, low irritation to skin, eye.
Ecology: may be hazardous to environment. Water body should be given special attention.
Biodegradability: biodegradable.
Characteristics: excellent cleansing, foaming, foam stabilizing, wetting, permeating, emulsifying, solubilizing, dispersing abilities.
Notes: (1), be careful with using in children cleaning products. (2), byproduct 1,4-dioxane: carcinogen to animal, possible carcinogen (Group 2B) to human; if content is minimal, usually does not cause to harm.
Quality standards & test methods
physical and chemical indexes
test methods
Actives*, %, ≥
pH (25℃, 1%)
*: should be marked on molecular weight.
Major Uses
Use as cleansing agent widely. eg: personal care products, household cleaning, industrial cleaning, textile, leather, chemical fiber.
Use as wetting agent, permeating agent.
Emulsifying agent in petroleum, petroleum derivatives.
Leveling agent in textile, dye.
Use as solubilizing agent. eg: perfume.
Use as emulsifying agent, dispersing agent.
Use as foaming agent, foam stabilizing agent.
Product members
C9-15 Pareth-3
C9-15 Pareth-5
C9-15 Pareth-7
C9-15 Pareth-9
C9-15 Pareth-10
C9-15 Pareth-15
C9-15 Pareth-20
C9-15 Pareth-25
C9-15 Pareth-30
C9-15 Pareth-1
C9-15 Pareth-2
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