Hydroxypropyl Bisoleyldimonium Chloride
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Hydroxypropyl Bisoleyldimonium Chloride
1,3-propanediaminium, 2-hydroxy-N,N'-bis(9-octadecenyl)-N,N,N',N'-tetramethyl-, chloride
Cationic surfactants-Quaternary ammonium salts
Molecular Formula & Molecular Weight
Molecular Formula: C43H88Cl2N2O
Molecular Weight: 720.08
Structural Formula
Appearance: pale yellow to yellow-brown liquid; or paste.
Solubility: slightly soluble in water. soluble in propylene glycol, ethanol.
Stability: stable. easily oxidized.
Risk: irritation, irritation to skin, eye.
Ecology: may be hazardous to environment. Water body should be given special attention.
Biodegradability: biodegradable.
Characteristics: excellent antistatic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, preservative, anticorrosive, emulsifying, solubilizing, dispersing abilities.
Quality standards & test methods
physical and chemical indexes
test methods
actives*, %, ≥
*: should be marked on molecular weight.
Major Uses
Conditioning agent, bactericide, preservative, emollient in personal care products.
Antistatic agent, softening agent, fat-liquoring agent in textiles, fibers, leather.
Use as bactericide. eg: agriculture, wood processing.
Emulsifying agent in asphalt, rubber.
Use as flocculant.
Use as deodorant.
Use as phase transfer catalyst.
Leveling agent in cationic dyes.
Update: 20140510(1);

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