Sodium guaiazulene sulfonate
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(2), As
Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics (2015 Edition)
GB/T 30797 The test method of food detergents - Determination of total arsenic
3. Further explanation
(a), On physical and chemical indexes: firstly, shall be indicated carbon atom distribution; secondly, shall be indicated average molecular weight.
(b), Used in cosmetics, should be test for harmful substances; or furtherly test for microorganisms.
Major Uses
1. Typical applications
Use as anti-inflammatory ingredient.
2. Personal care products
Use as conditioning agent.
3. Medicine
Use as pharmaceutical ingredient (for example: anti-inflammatory ingredient). (Used in medicine, must comply with local pharmacopoeia execution.)
[1]: ChemIDplus. 6223-35-4, Sodium gualenate
Update: 20131025(1); 20170425(2);