Sodium C12-13 alkyl sulfate
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4. Fire extinguishing agent
Use as foaming agent.
5. Water treatment
Foaming agent, floating agent in wastewater treatment.
For example, wastewater treatment commonly uses physical and chemical process (coagulating sedimentation or flotation) in printing and dyeing industry.
Physical and chemical process is a mature technology. The process operates simply and costs cheaply.
In the coagulating sedimentation or flotation process, aluminum coagulant is one of the most widely used coagulants; magnesium coagulant is widely concerned because of green safety.
Sodium C12-13 alkyl sulfate has good foaming property and water solubility. At the same time, sodium C12-13 alkyl sulfate has good stability in a wide pH range.
So sodium C12-13 alkyl sulfate is very suitable for use as floating agent in flotation process.
6. Emulsion polymerization
Emulsifier, particle size controlling agent in emulsion polymerization. For example, polyvinyl chloride emulsion polymerization.
7. Ore-dressing
Use as foaming agent, floating agent.
8. Textile, leather
Use as emulsifier, foaming agent, cleansing agent, wetting agent, antistatic agent, solubilizing agent.
9. Electroplating industry
Use as wetting agent (Anti-pinhole agent).
Can reduce or eliminate pinholes.
10. Paper Industry
Use as cooking penetrant, wastewater flocculant, deinking agent.
11. Pets
Main ingredient or auxiliary ingredient for cleansing agent, foaming agent in shampoos and other pet products.
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