MEA-lauryl sulfate
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Major Uses
1. Typical applications
Use as cleansing agent.
Use as emulsifying agent, dispersing agent.
Use as foaming agent.
2. Household detergents
Use as cleansing agent.
3. Industrial cleaning agents
Use as cleansing agent, foaming agent.
4. Personal care products
Cleansing agent in personal care products.
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Further information:
(1), In accordance with EU regulations (EC) No 1223/2009, directive 2003/83/EC, ethanolamine and its salts are included in Annex III/61.
Maximum concentration of secondary amine is 0.5% in products.
In raw materials, maximum secondary amine content is 0.5%.
Maximum nitrosamine content is 50μg/kg.
The container is nitrite-free.
5. Pets
Main ingredient or auxiliary ingredient for cleansing agent, foaming agent in shampoos and other pet products.
Update: 20131018(1); 20161024(2);