Sodium/TEA C12-13 pareth sulfate
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Sodium/TEA C12-13 pareth sulfate
Alcohols, C12-13, ethoxylated, sulfated, sodium and triethanolamine salt;
Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), alpha-C12-13-alkyl-omega-sulfooxy-, sodium and triethanolamine salt;
Sulfuric acid, alcohols C12-13 ethoxylated ester, sodium and triethanolamine salt;
Polyethylene glycol C12-13 alkyl ether sulfate sodium and triethanolamine salt;
Anionic Surfactant
>> Sulfate
>> Alcohol Polyether Sulfate
>> Alcohol Polyoxyethylene Ether Sulfate
>> Linear Alkanol Polyoxyethylene Ether Sulfate
Chemical Numbering System
Molecular Formula & Molecular Weight
Molecular Formula: (C2H4O)n.C12H26O4S.xC6H15N1O3.yNa - (C2H4O)n.C13H28O4S.xC6H15N1O3.yNa
Molecular Weight: N/A
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