Sodium octoxynol sulfate
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(b), Used in cosmetics, should be test for harmful substances; or furtherly test for microorganisms.
Major Uses
1. Typical applications
Use as cleansing agent.
Use as emulsifying agent, dispersing agent.
Use as foam stabilizing agent, foaming agent.
Use as solubilizing agent.
2. Industrial cleaning agents
Use as cleansing agent, foaming agent, wetting agent.
3. Emulsion polymerization
Emulsifier, particle size controlling agent in emulsion polymerization. Can improve the stability of the emulsion system. For example, can be applied to the emulsion polymerization of vinyl acetate copolymer.
4. Personal care products
Cleansing agent, emulsifying agent, foaming agent in personal care products.
Product members
Sodium octoxynol-2 sulfate;
Sodium octoxynol-6 sulfate;
Sodium octoxynol-9 sulfate;
[1]: ChemIDplus. 12627-38-2, Sodium octoxynol sulfate
Update: 20131021(1); 20170215(2);