Benzenesulfonic acid, mono- and dialkyl derivs., magnesium salts
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Appearance    (1), solid.
Solubility    insoluble in water to soluble in water. Solubility is associated with the length of carbon chain and substitution degree.
Stability    stable.
Risk    Solid form: flammable material; irritation, moderate irritation to skin, eye, respiratory. Harmful products of combustion are CO, CO2 and so on. Contact with strong oxidants, can cause to burn.
GHS (Rev.6) label:  
Ecology    may be hazardous to environment. Water body should be given special attention.
Biodegradability    biodegradable.
Characteristics    excellent emulsifying, dispersing, solubilizing, lubricating abilities.
Currently, sulfonation reaction through continuous reactor (such as: falling film reactor) is the most widely used method for preparing sulfonates.