Surfactants, catalog, Chinese national standards
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Surfactants, catalog, Chinese national standards
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GB/T 1707 Lithopone
GB/T 2092 Sebacic acid for industrial use
GB/T 6818 2-Ethyl hexanol for industrial use
GB/T 7643 Sticklac
GB/T 8137 Seed lac
GB/T 8138 Shellac
GB/T 8139 Dewaxed shellac,Decolorized shellac,Decolorized and dewaxed shellac
GB/T 8140 Bleeched shellac
GB/T 8141 Shellac for use in arms
GB/T 8145 Gum rosin
GB/T 8447 Industrial linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid
GB/T 8826 Rubber antioxidant TMQ
GB/T 8827 Antioxidant PAN
GB/T 8828 Antioxidant 4010NA
GB/T 8829 Vulcanizing accelerator NOBS
GB/T 9015 Hexamethylene tetramine for industrial use
GB/T 9103 Industrial stearic acids
GB/T 10533 Water treatment chemicals -- Polyacrylic acid
GB/T 10535 Water treatment chemicals -- Hydrolyzed polymaleic anhydride
GB/T 11407 Vulcanizing accelerator 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT)
GB/T 11408 Vulcanizing accelerator - Dibenzothiazole disulfide (MBTS)
GB/T 12008.2 Plastics - Polyether polyols - Part 2:Specification
GB/T 12028 Sodium carboxymethylcellulose for detergents
GB/T 13529 Sodium ethoxylated alkyl sulfate
GB/T 13940 Polyacrylamide
GB/T 14020 Hydrogenated rosin
GB/T 14021 Maleated rosin
GB/T 14591 Water treatment chemicals -- Poly ferric sulfate
GB/T 14703 Raw lacquer
GB/T 15045 Fatty alkyl dimethyl tertiary amines
GB/T 15045 Fatty alkyl dimethyl tertiary amines
GB/T 15046 Fatty diethanol amide
GB/T 15594 Plastics - Octahydroxy polyether polyols
GB 15892 Poly aluminium chloride for treatment of drinking water
GB/T 15963 Sodium lauryl sulfate
GB/T 16451 Natural fatty alcohols
GB/T 16576 Plastics - Trihydroxy polyether polyols
GB/T 16577 Plastics - Tetrahydroxy polyether polyols
GB/T 17514 Water treatment chemicals -- Polyacrylamide