Chemicals, catalog, Chinese standards (1)
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Chemicals, catalog, Chinese standards (1)

GB 209-2006      Sodium hydroxide for industrial use
GB 210.1-2004    Specification and determination methods of sodium carbonate for industrial use--Part 1: sodium carbonate for industrial use
GB 320-2006      Synthetic hydrochloric acid for industrial use
GB 338-2011      Methanol for industrial use
GB 535-1995      Ammonium sulphate
GB 536-1988      Liquefied anhydrous ammonia
GB 1610-2009     Chromium trioxide for industrial use
GB 1614-2011     Barium carbonate for industrial use
GB 1918-2011     Potassium nitrate for industrial use
GB 2367-2006     Sodium nitrite for industrial use
GB 2404-2006     Chlorobenzene
GB 2440-2001     Urea
GB 2961-2006     Aniline
GB 3778-2011     Carbon black for use in rubber products
GB 6549-2011     Potassium chloride
GB 6819-2004     Dissolved acetylene
GB 7746-2011     Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride for industrial use
GB 10500-2009    Sodium sulfide for industrial use
GB 10665-2004    Calcium carbide
GB 19104-2008    Peracetic acid solution
GB 19105-2003    Requirements of packing for peroxyacetic acid
GB 19106-2013    Sodium hypochlorite
GB 19107-2003    Requirements of packing for sodium hypochloritesolution
GB 19109-2003    Requirements of packing for calcium hypochlorite
GB 20413-2006    Superphosphorate
GB 21634-2008    Triple superphosphorate
GB 23936-2009    Sodium hexafluorosilicate for industrial use
GB 23937-2009    Sodium hydrosulfide for industrial use
GB 24567-2009    Sodium monofluorophosphate for tooth-paste industry
GB 24568-2009    Calcium hydrogen phosphate for tooth-paste industry
GB 26754-2011    Sodium azide for industrial use
GB 27599-2011    Titanium dioxide for cosmetic use
GB 28652-2012    High quality anhydrous potassium fluoride
GB 28653-2012    Ammonium fluoride for industrial use
GB 28654-2012    Trichlorosilane for industrial use
GB 28655-2012    Ammonium bifluoride for industrial use
GB 28656-2012    Calcium nitrite for industrial use
GB 28657-2012    Potassium dichromate for industrial use

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