Chemicals’ safety, catalog, Chinese standards
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Chemicals’ safety, catalog, Chinese standards

GB 13690-2009        General rule for classification and hazard communication of chemicals
GB 15258-2009        General rules for preparation of precautionary label for chemicals
GB 21175-2007        Procedure of classification for hazardous products
GB 21178-2007        Classification procedure for self-reactive substances and organic peroxides
GB 50483-2009        Code for design of environmental protection of chemical industry projects
GB/T 16483-2008      Safety data sheet for chemical products content and order of sections
GB/T 17519-2013      Guidance on the compilation of safety data sheet for chemical products
GB/T 21279-2007      Hydraulic test method for packaging of dangerous chemical products
GB/T 21280-2007      Test method of thermal stability for dangerous products
GB/T 21281-2007      Test method of fish acute toxicity for dangerous chemical products
GB/T 21846-2008      Chemical products for industrial use - Determination of the inflammation of solids
GB/T 21847-2008      Chemical products for industrial use - Determination of inflammation of gases
GB/T 21850-2008      Chemical products for industry use - Determination of spontaneous combustion of solids and liquids
GB/T 23767-2009      General method for measuring solid chemicals fire limits in gaseous oxidants
GB/T 26073-2010      Safety guideline for the evaluation of toxic and flammable gas detection systems
GB/T 28125.1-2011    Determination of hazardous materials in air separation process - Part 1: Determination of hydrocarbons


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