Test methods of petroleum products, catalog, petrochemical industry standard, Chinese standards (3)
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Test methods of petroleum products, catalog, petrochemical industry standard, Chinese standards (3)

SH/T 0226-1992         Determination of zinc content for additives and lubricating oil containing additives
SH/T 0227-1992         Determination of boron content for additives
SH/T 0228-1992         Determination of barium, calcium, zinc for lubricating oils by atomic absorption spectrometry
SH/T 0255-1992         Determination of water content for additives and lubricating oil containing additives by coulometry method
SH/T 0256-1992         Determination of emulsion breaking time for lubricating oils
SH/T 0257-1992         Qualitative test method of water for lubricating oils
SH/T 0258-1992         Determination of color for lubricating oils
SH/T 0259-1992         Determination of thermal oxidation stability for lubricating oils
SH/T 0267-1992         Acidification test method of NaOH extractives for lubricating oils
SH/T 0296-1992         Determination of phosphorus content for additives and lubricating oil containing additives by colorimetric method
SH/T 0297-1992         Determination of calcium content for additives
SH/T 0298-1992         Determination of water-soluble acids for lubricating oil containing antirust agents by pH method
SH/T 0306-1992         Determination of bearing capacity for lubricants by CL-100 gear machine
SH/T 0307-1992         Determination of wear properties for petroleum-base hydraulic oils
SH/T 0308-1992         Determination of air release value for lubricating oils
SH/T 0309-1992         Determination of calcium, barium, zinc content for lubricating oil containing additives by complexometric titration
SH/T 0311-1992         Determination of human sweat displacement performance for displacing type rust preventive oils
SH/T 0319-1992         Determination of soap for lubricating greases
SH/T 0322-1992         Identification method of harmful particles for lubricating greases
SH/T 0323-1992         Determination of strength limit for lubricating greases
SH/T 0325-1992         Determination of oxidation stability for lubricating greases
SH/T 0326-1992         Determination of leakage loss for lubricating greases of automotive wheel bearing
SH/T 0327-1992         Determination of ash for lubricating greases
SH/T 0329-1992         Determination of free alkali and free organic acids for lubricating greases
SH/T 0330-1992         Determination of mechanical impurity for lubricating greases by extracting method
SH/T 0331-1992         Determination of corrosion for lubricating greases
SH/T 0335-1992         Determination of chemical stability for lubricating greases
SH/T 0336-1994         Determination of impurity content for lubricating greases by microscopic method
SH/T 0337-1992         Determination of evaporativity for lubricating greases
SH/T 0338-1992         Determination of low temperature torque for lubricating greases of ball bearing
SH/T 0389-1992         Classification of petroleum additives
SH/T 0427-1992         Determination of gear abrasion for lubricating greases
SH/T 0428-2008         Standard test method for life of lubricating greases in ball bearing at elevated temperatures
SH/T 0429-2007         Standard test method for elastomer compatibility of lubricating greases and fluids
SH/T 0430-1992         Determination of equilibrium reflux boiling point for brake fluids

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