Test methods of adhesives, catalog, Chinese standards
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Test methods of adhesives, catalog, Chinese standards

GB 18583-2008        Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials - Limit of harmful substances of adhesives
GB/T 2790-1995       Adhesives,180° peel strength test method for a flexible-bonded-to-rigid test specimen assembly
GB/T 2791-1995       Adhesives,T peel strength test method for a flexible-to-flexible test specimen assembly
GB/T 2793-1995       Test method for nonvolatile content of adhesives
GB/T 2794-2013       Determination for viscosity of adhesives - Single cylinder rotational viscometer method
GB/T 6328-1999       Adhesives--Test method for shear impact strength of adhesive bonds
GB/T 6329-1996       Adhesives--Determination of tensile strength of butt joints
GB/T 7122-1996       Adhesives--Determination of peel resistance of high-strength adhesive bonds--Floating roller method
GB/T 7123.1-2002     Determination for working life of adhesives
GB/T 7123.2-2002     Determination for storage life of adhesives
GB/T 7124-2008       Adhesives - Determination of tensile lap-shear strength of rigid-to-rigid bonded assemblies
GB/T 7749-1987       Test method of cleavage strength of adhesive (metal to metal)
GB/T 7750-1987       Test method of creep properties of adhesive in shear by tension loading (metal to metal)
GB/T 7752-1987       Test method for electric strength of insulating adhesive tape at power frequency
GB/T 11177-1989      Testing method for compressive shear strength of dowel joint by inorganic adhesives
GB/T 13353-1992      Test method for resistance of adhesive bonds to chemical reagents--Metal to metal
GB/T 13354-1992      Test method for density of adhesives in fluid form--Method of weight cup
GB/T 13465.9-2009    Test method of the adhesion tensile strength of graphite impemeable adhesion agent
GB/T 14074-2006      Testing methods for wood adhesives and their resins
GB/T 14518-1993      Determination of the pH of adhesives
GB/T 14903-1994      Testing method for torsional shear strength of dowel joint by inorganic adhesives
GB/T 15332-1994      Determination of the softening point of hot-melt adhesives--Ball and ring method
GB/T 16997-1997      Adhesives--Designation of main failure patterns
GB/T 16998-1997      Hot-melt adhesives--Determination of thermal stability
GB/T 17517-1998      Adhesives--Wood to wood adhesive bonds--Determination of shear strength by compression loading
GB/T 18747.1-2002    The determination of torque strength of anaerobic adhesives (Threaded fasteners)
GB/T 18747.2-2002    The determination of shear strength of anaerobic adhesives using pin-and-collar specimens
GB/T 20740-2006      Adhesive – Sampling
GB/T 22376.1-2008    Adhesives - Methods of preparing bulk specimens - Part 1: Two-part systems
GB/T 22376.2-2008    Adhesives - Methods of preparing bulk specimens - Part 2: Elevated-temperature-curing one-part systems
GB/T 27595-2011      Adhesives - Test methods for fatigue properties of structural adhesives in tensile shear
GB/T 29592-2013      Determination of the emission of volatile organic compounds and aldehydes of adhesives for building products
GB/T 29593-2013      Kraft paper adhesive tape for surface protection
GB/T 29596-2013      Classification of pressure sensitive adhesive products

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