Test methods of pesticides and pesticide products, catalog, Chinese standards
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Test methods of pesticides and pesticide products, catalog, Chinese standards

GB/T 1600-2001     Testing method of water in pesticides
GB/T 1601-1993     Determination method of pH value for pesticides
GB/T 1602-2001     Testing method of melting point for pesticides
GB/T 1603-2001     Determination method of emulsion stability for pesticide
GB/T 1604-1995     Commodity pesticide regulations for acceptance
GB/T 1605-2001     Sampling method for commodity pesticides
GB/T 5451-2001     Testing method for the wettability of dispersible powders of pesticides
GB/T 14825-2006    Determination method for suspensibility of pesticides
GB/T 16150-1995    Seive test for dustable and wettable powders of pesticides
GB/T 19136-2003    Testing method for the storage stability at elevated temperature of pesticides
GB/T 19137-2003    Testing method for the storage stability at low temperature of pesticides
GB/T 19138-2003    Testing method of in acetone material insoluble for pesticides
GB/T 28135-2011    Testing method of acidity(alkalinity) for pesticides - Indicator method
GB/T 28136-2011    Testing method of material insoluble in water for pesticides
GB/T 28137-2011    Testing method of persistent foaming for pesticides
GB/T 29566-2013    The bioassay methods for mosquitoes' resistance to insecticides
GB/T 29567-2013    The bioassay method for flies' resistance to insecticides - Topical application method
GB/T 30360-2013    Testing method of dustiness for granular pesticide product
GB/T 30361-2013    Testing method of loss in weight for pesticides

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