Test methods of lubricants, catalog, Chinese standards
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Test methods of lubricants, catalog, Chinese standards

GB/T 269-1991         Lubricating grease and petrolatum--Determination of cone penetration
GB/T 392-1977         Determination of colloid-stability of lubricating greases
GB/T 512-1965         Determination of water content in lubricating greases
GB/T 513-1977         Determination of mechanical impuritiesin lubricating greases (acid decomposition method)
GB/T 2433-2001         Petroleum products—Lubricating oils and additives--Determination of sulphated ash
GB/T 3142-1982         Lubricants--Determination of load-carrying capacity (four balls method)
GB/T 3498-2008         Petroleum products - Determination of dropping point of lubricating greases (wide temperature range )
GB/T 4929-1985         Lubricating grease--Determination of dropping point
GB/T 5018-2008         Standard test method for determining corrosion preventive properties of lubricating greases
GB/T 7325-1987         Petroleum products--Lubricating greases and oils--Determination of evaporation loss
GB/T 7326-1987         Lubricating grease--Corrosiveness to copper--Copper strip test
GB/T 8022-1987         Lubricating oils--Determination of demulsibility characteristics
GB/T 8926-2012         Standard test method for insolubles in used lubricating oils
GB/T 11144-2007     Standard test method for measurement of extreme-perssure prosperties of lubricating fluids - Timken method
GB/T 11145-2014     Standard test method for measurement of low-temperature viscosity of lubricants―Brookfield viscometer method
GB/T 11145-1989     Automotive fluid lubricants--Determination of low-temperature viscosity--Brookfield viscometer method
GB/T 12579-2002     Determination of foaming characteristics of lubricating oils
GB/T 12583-1998     Standard test method for measurement of extreme-pressure properties of lubricating fluids(four-ball method)
GB/T 12709-1991     Lubricating oils--Determination of aging characteristics--Conradson carbon residue method
GB/T 17145-1997     Technical guides for collection and re-refining of used oil
GB/T 17476-1998     Standard test method for determination of additive elements,wear metals,and contaminants in used lubricating oils and determination of selected elements in base oils by inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry(ICP-AES)
GB/T 29170-2012     Petroleum and natural gas industries - Drilling fluids - Laboratory testing

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