Petroleum and petroleum products, catalog, Chinese standards (1)
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Petroleum and petroleum products, catalog, Chinese standards (1)

GB 252-2011         General diesel fuels
GB 253-2008         Kerosine
GB 438-1977         Jet fuel No.1
GB 439-1990         Aviation jet engine lubricating oils
GB 440-1977         Aviation lubricating oil No.20
GB 443-1989         Lubricating oils for total loss systems L-AN
GB 1787-2008         Aviation piston engine fuels
GB 1788-1979         Jet fuel No.2
GB 1790-2012         Medicinal vaseline
GB 1922-2006         Petroleum solvents for paints and cleaning
GB 2536-2011         Fluids for electrotechnical applications - Unused mineral insulating oils for transformers and switchgear
GB 4853-2008         Food grade white oil
GB 5903-2011         Gear oils for industrial enclosed gear system
GB 5904-1986         Lubricants for light duty rotary oil-flooded air compressor
GB 6537-2006         No.3 Jet fuel
GB 7189-2010         Food grade paraffin wax
GB 9053-2013         Natural gasoline
GB 11118.1-2011     Hydraulic fluids of L-HL, L-HM, L-HV, L-HS and L-HG type
GB 11120-2011         Lubricating oils for turbines
GB 11121-2006         Gasoline engine oils
GB 11122-2006         Diesel engine oils
GB 11174-2011         Liquefied petroleum gases
GB 12691-1990         Air compressor oils
GB 13895-1992         Heavy duty gear oil for automobile(GL-5)
GB 17930-2013         Gasoline for motor vehicles
GB 19147-2013         Automobile diesel fuels
GB 19159-2012         Automotive liquefied petroleum gases
GB 16629-2008         Solvent for vegetable oils extraction
GB 17602-1998         Commercial hexanes
GB 18350-2013         Denatured fuel ethanol
GB 18351-2013         Ethanol gasoline for motor vehicles (E10)
GB 20419-2006         Diesel engine oils for agricultural use
GB 21176-2007         Safety code for inspection of hazardous properties for dangerous goods of liquefied petroleum gas
GB 23971-2009         Heat transfer fluids
GB 25989-2010         Fuel oils for burners
GB/T 254-2010         Semi-refined paraffin wax
GB/T 446-2010         Fully refined paraffin wax
GB/T 494-2010         Asphalt used in roofing
GB/T 498-2014         Petroleum products and lubricants - Method of classification - Definition of classes
GB/T 1202-1987         Crude scale paraffin wax
GB/T 3405-2011         Petroleum benzene
GB/T 3406-2010         Petroleum toluene
GB/T 3407-2010         Petroleum xylene

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