Coatings, catalog, Chinese standards
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Coatings, catalog, Chinese standards

GB/T 2705-2003         Classification and nomenclature for coating products
GB/T 4653-1984         The general technical specifications on infrared radiation paints
GB/T 5206.1-1985     Paints and varnishes--Vocabulary--Part 1:General terms
GB/T 5206.2-1986     Paints and varnishes--Vocabulary--Part 2:Termin-ology of resins
GB/T 5206.3-1986     Paints and varnishes--Vocabulary--Part 3:Pigment terms
GB/T 5206.4-1989     Paints and varnishes--Vocabulary--Part 4:Termin-ology relating to physical and chemical properties of coatings and films
GB/T 5206.5-1991     Paints and varnishes--Vocabulary--Part 5:Termin-ology relating to defects of coatings and films
GB/T 6745-2008         Topside paint
GB/T 6746-2008         Oil tank paint for ship
GB/T 6747-2008         Shop primer for ship building
GB/T 6748-2008         Anticorrosive paint for ship
GB/T 6822-2007         Anticorrosive and antifouling paints system for ship hull
GB/T 6823-2008         Ballast tanks paint for ship
GB/T 9260-2008         Boottopping paint for ship
GB/T 9261-2008         Deck paint
GB/T 9262-2008         Cargo hold paint for ship
GB/T 9263-1988         Determination of slip resistance of antislip deck paint
GB/T 9750-1998         Marks for package of coating products
GB/T 9755-2001         Synthetic resin emulsion coatings for exterior wall
GB/T 9756-2009         Synthetic resin emulsion coatings for interior wall
GB/T 9757-2001         Solvent-thinned coatings for exterior wall
GB/T 12989-1991     Paints and varnishes--List of equivalent terms
GB/T 13491-1992     General rule for packing of coatings
GB/T 13492-1992     Finishes for automobiles
GB/T 13493-1992     Primere for automobiles
GB/T 19695-2008     Product of geographical indication - Xiushan bodied tongoil
GB/T 21088-2007     Classification and definition of the waterborne additives for architectural coatings
GB/T 21090-2007     Emulsion paint tinting base
GB/T 23995-2009     Indoor decorating and refurbishing solvent-based alkyd coatings for woodenware
GB/T 23996-2009     Solvent metal panel coatings for indoor decorating and refurbishing
GB/T 23997-2009     Solvent-thinned polyurethane wood coatings for indoor decorating and refurbishing
GB/T 23998-2009     Indoor decorating and refurbishing solvent-based nitrocellulose coatings for woodenware
GB/T 23999-2009     Water based coatings for woodenware for indoor decorating and refurbishing
GB/T 24100-2009     X, γ radiation shielding coating
GB/T 25249-2010     Amino - alkyd resin coatings
GB/T 25251-2010     Alkyd resin coatings
GB/T 25252-2010     Phenolic resin anticorrosive coatings
GB/T 25253-2010     Phenolic resin coatings
GB/T 25258-2010     Perchlorovinyl resin anticorrosive coatings
GB/T 25259-2010     Perchlorovinyl resin coatings
GB/T 25261-2010     Solar heat reflecting insulation coatings for buildings
GB/T 25263-2010     Chlorinated rubber anticorrosive coatings
GB/T 25264-2010     Solvent-based acrylic resin coatings
GB/T 25271-2010     Nitrocellulose coatings
GB/T 26825-2011     Static-resistance FJ anticorrosive glues
GB/T 27806-2011     Tar epoxy anti-corrosion coatings

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