Test methods of feed and feed additives, catalog, Chinese standards (1)
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Test methods of feed and feed additives, catalog, Chinese standards (1)

GB 13078.3-2007     Tolerance limits for deoxynivalenol in formula feed
GB 21693-2008         Tolerance limits for T-2 toxin in formula feed
GB 26418-2010         Limited content of selenium in feeds
GB 26419-2010         Limited contents of copper in feeds
GB 26434-2010         Limited content of tin in feeds
GB/T 5917.1-2008     Determination for feed particle size - Two-sieve screening method
GB/T 5918-2008         Determination of mixing homogeneity for feed products
GB/T 6432-1994         Method for the determination of crude protein in feedstuffs
GB/T 6433-2006         Determination of crude fat in feeds
GB/T 6434-2006         Feeding stuffs - Determination of crude fiber content Method with intermediate filtration
GB/T 6435-2006         Determination of moisture and other volatile mater content in feeds
GB/T 6436-2002         Determination of calcium in feed
GB/T 6437-2002         Determination of phosphorus in feed – Spectphotometry
GB/T 6438-2007         Animal feeding stuffs - Determination of crude ash
GB/T 6439-2007         Determination of water-soluble chlorides in feeds
GB/T 8381.2-2005     Determination of Shigella in feeds
GB/T 8381.3-2005     Determination of lincomycin in feedstuff
GB/T 8381.4-2005     Method for determination of T-2 toxin in formula feed-Thin layer chromatography
GB/T 8381.5-2005     Determination of kitasamycin in feedstuff
GB/T 8381.6-2005     Method for determination of deoxynivalenol in formula feed-Thin layer chromatography
GB/T 8381.7-2009     The determination of olaquindox in feed - High performance liquid chromatography
GB/T 8381.8-2005     Determination of Polychlorobiphenyls(PCBs)in Feeds-Gas Chromatography
GB/T 8381.9-2005     Determination of Choramphenicol in Feeds Gas Chromatography
GB/T 8381.10-2005     Determination of Sulfaquinoxaline in feeds High-performance Liquid chromatography
GB/T 8381.11-2005     Determination of Amprolium in Feeds-High Performance Liquid Chromatography
GB/T 8381-2008         Determination of aflatoxin B1 in animal feeding stuffs - Semi-quantitative thin layer chromatographic methods
GB/T 10649-2008     Determination of mixing homogeneity for mineral premix
GB/T 13079-2006     Determination of total arsenic in feeds
GB/T 13080-2004     Determination of lead in feeds--Method using atomic absorption spectrometry
GB/T 13081-2006     Determination of mercury in feeds
GB/T 13082-1991     Method for determination of cadmium in feeds
GB/T 13083-2002     Determination of fluorine in feed--Ion selective electrode method
GB/T 13084-2006     Determination of Cyanide in feed
GB/T 13085-2005     Determination of nitrite in feeds-Method using colorimetric analysis
GB/T 13086-1991     Method for determination of free gossypol in feeds
GB/T 13087-1991     Method for determination of isothiocyanatesin feeds
GB/T 13088-2006     Determination of chromium in feeds
GB/T 13089-1991     Method for determination of oxazolidinethione in feeds
GB/T 13090-2006     Determination of HCH and DDT in feeds

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