Test methods of petroleum and petroleum products, catalog, Chinese standards (4)
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Test methods of petroleum and petroleum products, catalog, Chinese standards (4)

GB/T 8019-2008         Standard test method for gum content in fuels - By jet evaporation
GB/T 8020-1987         Gasoline--Determination of lead content--Atomic absorption spectrometry
GB/T 8021-2003         Petroleum products--Determination of saponification number
GB/T 8023-1987         Liquid petroleum products--Viscosity-temperature charts
GB/T 8025-1987         Petroleum waxes and petrolatums--Determination of trace sulfur--Microcoulometric method
GB/T 8026-1987         Petroleum waxes and petrolatums--Determination of drop melting point
GB/T 8026-2014         Standard test method for drop melting point of petroleum wax,including petrolatum
GB/T 8028-2010         Criteria for changing of gasoline engine oil
GB/T 8120-1987         High-purity n-heptane and isooctance--Determination of purity--Capillary gas chromatography
GB/T 8927-2008         Petroleum and liquid petroleum products-Temperature measurement - Manual methods
GB/T 8928-2008         Standard test method for density of semi-solid and solid asphalt
GB/T 8929-2006         Crude petroleum - Determination of water - Distillation method
GB/T 9109.1-2010     Dynamic measurement of crude oil - General principles
GB/T 9109.2-1988     Dynamic measurement of crude oil--Technical requirement of displacement meter installation
GB/T 9109.2-2014     Dynamic measurement of petroleum and liquid petroleum products―Part 2: Technical requirements of meter installation
GB/T 9109.3-1988     Dynamic measurement of crude oil--Technical stipulations of installation for fixed pipe provers
GB/T 9109.3-2014     Dynamic measurement of petroleum and liquid petroleum products―Part 3: Technical requirements of installation for pipe prover
GB/T 9109.5-2009     Petroleum and liquid petroleum products - Calculation of oil quantities - Dynamic measurement
GB/T 9110-1988         Crude oil vertical metal tank measurement--Method of calculation of quantities
GB/T 9168-1997         Petroleum products--Determination of distillation at reduced pressure
GB/T 9169-2010         Standard test method for thermal oxidation stability of aviation turbine fuels - JFTOT procedure
GB/T 9170-1988         Lubricating oils and fuel oils--Determination of total nitrogen--Modified Kjeldahl method
GB/T 9171-1988         Engine oil--Determination of borderline pumping temperature
GB/T 9932-1988         The test method for evaluating the performance of internal combustion engine oil (Caterpillar 1H2 method)
GB/T 9933-1988         The test method for evaluating the performance of internal combustion engine oil (Caterpillar 1G2 method)
GB/T 10327-2011     Reference fuel specification for diesel engine performance test
GB/T 11059-2011     Standard test method for determination of vapor pressure of crude oil:VPCRx (expansion method)
GB/T 11079-2000     Standard test method for carbonizable substances in white mineral oil
GB/T 11081-2005     Standard Test Method for Ultraviolet Adsorption of White Oils
GB/T 11128-1989     Aviation turbine fuels--Determination of luminometer numbers
GB/T 11129-1989     Jet fuels--Determination of water separation characteristics
GB/T 11130-1989     Kerosine--Determination of burning quality
GB/T 11132-2008     Standard test method for hydrocarbon types in liquid petroleum products by fluorescent indicator adsorption
GB/T 11133-1989     Liquid petroleum products--Determination of water--Karl Fischer reagent method
GB/T 11134-1989     Hydrocarbon solvents--Determination of kauri-butanol value
GB/T 11135-2013     Standard test method for bromine numbers of petroleum distillates and commercial aliphatic olefins by electrometric titration
GB/T 11136-1989     Petroleum hydrocarbons--Determination of bromine index--Electrometric titration
GB/T 11137-1989     Black petroleum products--Determination of kinematic viscosity (reverse-flow method) and calculation of dynamic viscosity
GB/T 11138-1994     Industrial aromatic hydrocarbons--Test method of copper corrosion
GB/T 11139-1989     Distillate fuels--Calculation of cetane index
GB/T 11140-2008     Standard test method for sulfur in petroleum products by wavelength dispersive X - ray fluorescence spectrometry
GB/T 11141-1989     Light olefins for industrial use--Determination of traces of sulfur--Oxidative microcoulometric method
GB/T 11142-1989     Insulating oils--Determination of gassing under electrical stress and ionization
GB/T 11143-2008     Standard test method for rust-preventing characteristics of inhibited mineral oil in the presence of water
GB/T 11146-2009     Crude petroleum - Determination of water - Coulometric Karl Fischer titration method
GB/T 11147-2010     Standard practice for sampling bituminous materials
GB/T 11148-2008     Test method for solubility of asphalt
GB/T 11964-2008     Test method for loss on heating of asphalt

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